Many people struggle to find the best information on cancer-fighting foods and diets. The confusion begins with tons of information to read and understand if this information provides solid evidence or just a slight possibility of helping with cancer prevention. 

At The Cancer Detox, we help educate people on the best cancer-fighting foods that cancer HATES to see! Our goal is to stop the ever-increasing number of new cancer cases yearly because cancer wreaks havoc on our wallets and has lasting health consequences years after treatment ends.

Our Ph.D. Scientist, Dr. Dee Grace, puts together some of the best scientific evidence in this FREE e-book, "7 WAYS TO CONQUER AND PREVENT CANCER." You know you can't stay stuck in a cycle of poor health and that's why you're here! This e-book will offer unique ways to transform your diet and lifestyle away from the Standard American Diet (i.e., meat, potatoes, junk food).
  • The 7 tips in this e-book are unique ways to implement a science-based cancer prevention strategy
  • Includes 3-days of delicious, plant-based meals and smoothie recipes
  • It's been scientifically shown that fruits and vegetables are some of nature's best cancer-fighting foods. This 3-day meal plan helps you integrate them into your daily life
  • Imagine feeling more energetic and having less brain fog. This 3-day meal plan focuses on lowering inflammation, a hallmark of cancer, and gets you started with a lifestyle that allows you to take long walks, and enjoying activities with your kids or grandkids

To Your Best Health!
Deanine Grace, PhD

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